Ding! Ding! Round Three!

So much to say, so little time right now. I’ll post more later from Aiden’s birthday party and our trip to Carter Fold. Parents are on their way home after a fun visit with them. We grilled steaks yesterday. Well, Dad grilled and I watched the Master. I learned some new tips for grilling, though.

Here are some thoughts as this semester begins full force:

* Worship and Sacraments from a Historical Perspective is going to be interesting. There’s a ton of reading, as should be expected from a Blowers course. It’s from primary sources, though. I think that’s kinda cool. In fact, I’m at the library right now printing off the primary sources for next week’s class.

We’ll see how the class progresses. I’m surprised at how big the class is. I think it was pushing 40 people. Dr. Blowers said the last time he taught the class there were 12 students. 40 people doesn’t leave much room for discussion and interaction.

* Hebrew’s gonna kick my tail. Enough said.

* Doctrine of God is my first class with Dr. Elolia. There’s a lot of reading and writing involved, which might be good for me. There’s also a lot of debate in class, which I’m not too keen on. Discussion is good. Debate is bad. You’re not going to win me over to your perspective by brow-beating me with your mental gymnastics that you want to label as “logic.” I look forward to lively discussion, not so much to the debating side. That’s just the nature of a class like this, though. Especially when there’s only nine in the class. I think it’s the smallest class I’ve had yet. In all, it should be fun (and challenging).

I think I just jammed the printer. Stupid technology!

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