Aly can hear!

Apparently, it did the trick when they removed the gunk from Aly’s ear while inserting her ear tubes. Alyson can hear better than she has in at least two years! Here are some examples of how much better her hearing is now (and how bad it was before):

* The parking lot for one of her doctors is under an Interstate overpass. Before, when they would walk across the parking lot, Alyson would not even flinch when the semi-trucks passed overhead. Thursday, when they paid the doctor a visit, she stopped walking and covered her ears, saying it was too loud when the trucks passed by.

* She went outside a few nights ago and the crickets and other bugs were singing their usual merry tune. She turned to Christy and said, “Mommy, what’s that sound?” She’d never heard the bugs at night!

* Thursday night, she came running up the stairs at midnight, completely scared to death. Apparently, she had never heard us walking on her ceiling while we were on the main floor (she sleeps in the basement). The creaking was so loud to her that it scared her awake.

* I asked her tonight if she could hear things better than she did before. She said she could hear much better.

After seeing all of this, I’m really quite ticked at the first doctor for basically ignoring our suggestion to look into ear tubes. It’s quite obvious that this was what she needed.

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The Ear

WOW! Great news!! Gosh, I can’t imagine how loud she would have thought the 4th of July was if she could have actually heard it!!