Here’s where the fun begins

One of the main reasons I came to seminary was to learn more about leadership development – especially within the culture of new churches. One of the four seminaries I considered attending early on was Lincoln Christian Seminary (the others being Phoenix Seminary, Oakland City – too bad it wasn’t accredited yet, and Emmanuel). I knew of a professor who was teaching classes on church planting and leadership development there. He had made a significant impact on his community in Indiana, and would be a good person to learn from. We ruled Lincoln out pretty early – mostly because neither one of us was that excited about living in the middle of a cornfield for another three years.

I’m very glad we didn’t move to Illinois. Nothing against the school, really. There are many reasons I’m happy we’re in Upper East Tennessee. Not the least of which is that very same professor is teaching that very same class on leadership development here at Emmanuel! I would have missed out on the class if we had gone to Lincoln. I know it’s offered online too, but that’s not the same as personally interacting with a class and professor.

So, one of the main reasons I came down here was to learn about leadership development. I start that class on Monday. I’ve suffered through a year and a half of Greek and countless facts (trivia?), while wondering the real practical value of much of the new information. Now that I’ve endured, I can start taking some of the stuff I want to take – like Leadership Development. I’ve been looking forward to this week since I found out about the class back in October. Now the real fun begins at Emmanuel School of Religion!

I’ve already read some of the books for the course and they’re quite good! I’m sure I’ll post more from them later.

Since I took the church planting class last year and will now complete the leadership development course, that means I can stop going to school in a week, right? It would definitely make life less complicated.

I’ve come this far already, though. There’s no turning back now! It’s never too late to start thinking about my thesis.

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Whoa. You just said “Fun” and “Emmanuel School of Religion” in the same sentence. My entire world is on its side right now… having trouble breathing and focusing… think I’m going to pass… out…